SeblaEndurluk TEDUSebla Endürlük, age 20, TEDU Department of Psychology

Sebla Endürlük is a national synchronized skating athlete. I counted on the 88 year high quality perspective of education of Turkish Education Association and I have chosen TEDU. Being an integrated city university is one of the positive features of TED University. Its student centered educational approach, social activities that promote individual development and conversations with the career pioneers are also between the privileges that TEDU offers to its students.


BerkeAytekinTEDUBerke Aytekin, age 20, TEDU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, freshman

I have chosen TED University counting on its nationwide reputation and credibility and also my brother who is himself a TED community member. Thanks to the active University Societies I have expanded my network and developed my social skills by means of different social activities. Since my first day at the university I have had the chance to meet our Rector everyday and I feel really lucky to be a part of such a university which includes the students into the decision making process.


yusufkayaTEDUYusuf Kaya, age 21, TEDU Department of Computer Engineering, senior student

I am a TED college graduate. TEDU included the option of computer engineering and it is a city university, so I have made my choice to study here. The biggest difference of TEDU is the determination of the faculty members and the special care of the administrative staff. I believe that the social relations that TEDU has with the pioneering names from the business world will effect the decisions of the students they would make upon graduation. I think that the social activities and social responsibility projects we have initiated will be guiding for the next generation of students.


elifgorkemkoseElif Görkem KÖSE, age 22, TEDU Department of Architecture, senior student

I have chosen TED University counting on its deep-rooted history and student centered educational approach. During the four years of my education I have went through a privileged education thanks to the supporting academic staff. TEDU is closely integrated with its environment which enables the students to develop social awareness. Thanks to the student societies, social activities, personal development seminars and conversations with career pioneers TEDU offers a distinguished education to its students.


berkbasaranBerk Başaran, age 22, TEDU Department of Industrial Engineering, senior student

Berk Başaran is an underwater hockey athlete and has the titles of U23 Turkey Championship and European Clubs Championships. “I have chosen TEDU because I have counted upon the distinction that TED has created in the field of education. While preparing for the student placement examinations I didn’t have the accurate information about professions and the student admission system which TEDU offers has helped me making the right career decision. The fact that the medium of education is English at TEDU is one of its positive features.”



yigitseverYiğit Sever, age 22, TEDU Department of Computer Engineering, senior student

I have chosen TEDU counting on the TED label. I have been a student of TED college since 2002 and have never thought of transferring to another school. What developed me most at TEDU is the high quality education and the close attention of the teachers. My teachers have shared all their experiences with me and their experiences carried me a step forward. I have participated in projects, competitions and found the relevant means for developing my own studies and projects. I am very proud to be a graduate of such a university which encourages its students for carrying research and being productive.


melisacarliMelis Acar, age 22, TEDU Department of Architecture, senior student

 One of the reasons I have chosen TEDU was the TED label and the credibility of the academic staff. I have counted on this aspect and witnessed that the academic staff grew wiser each year. I believe that the distinguished academic staff is the biggest privilege of TEDU.



cagrimkocerÇağrım Koçer, age 22, TEDU Department of Architecture, senior student

I have chosen TEDU counting on the high quality and prescient approach of the department of architecture. The education I have went through for four years has helped me develop a wide perspective both within and outside my Professional field. I have become a multi-tasked individual thanks to the academic staff and the opportunities they have provided. TEDU has fully satisfied even went beyond my expectations. I feel really happy to be a member of TEDU family of architecture.