Student Support Centers

Student Counseling Center


Student Counseling Center’s main aim is to support the social, psychological and vocational development of students. The Center also aims to help students to become self-aware individuals who know their strenghts and weaknesses and skilled at interpersonal communication. Services provided to students are planned scientifically and according to counseling ethics. The mission of the Center is to work in collaboration with the other units of the university in order to give support to the students in their all developmental areas. In this process, the center aims to create a structure which can develop a student-centered project that identifies and eliminates the needs of students. In parallel with its aim, the Center offers services such as individual counseling, group counseling,and seminars to the students.


Student Counseling Center Coordinador
Özlem Özten
Room number: 165
Phone: (312) 585 0095

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Center for Teaching and Learning

TED University is determined to replace lecture based teaching with active, interactive, problem based, application oriented instruction, to shift from teaching to learning, and to enrich the learning environment to incorporate higher order thinking skills into undergraduate education. Regarding the institutional policy of the University, the mission of the CTL is to provide a multifaceted resource to support faculty and students in their integration of innovative educational practices at university environment by promoting methods that encourage active learner engagement and critical thinking. In order to achieve this, the Center provides services both for the faculty and the students. TEDU Tutoring Program has been designed to provide one-on-one assistance and small group support to undergraduate students in scientific subjects, including mathematics, physics, economics, and computer. 


Center for Teaching and Learning Coordinator
Assistant Prof. Mana Ece Tuna
Room number: 147
Phone: (312) 585 0045 

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Career Center

TED University aims to provide it’s students the best possible career planning in accordance with their abilities and skills. The Career Center helps students to develop their professional skills in the area of their education by finding internship opportunities and assist them in preparing effective job applications.  By inviting important professionals from different occupational groups to our school, we try to give our students the opportunity to learn from their valuable experiences and chose the right occupational education for themselves and determine the steps they should take in achieving success in their future professional lives.


Career Center Manager
Pelin Kalkanoğlu
Room number: 413
Phone: (312) 585 0173

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TEDU Disabled Students Committee

TEDU Disabled Students Committee was established in March 7, 2012 in order to meet the needs of the disabled students regarding their effective learning processes, to solve issues related to their special needs, and to arrange their learning environments. The major duties of the committee are providing counseling services for students; academic and administrative staff with disabilities; arranging campus areas and instructional materials to enable disabled students have equal opportunities with other students.


TEDU Disabled Students Committee Coordinator
Phone: (312) 585 0000