Student Societies

student societies

Student Societies operate under the supervision of the Student Council, Dean of Students and an academic counselor. The societies have their own budgets, administrations and monitoring mechanisms. The objective of the societies is to develop the organisation, communication and teamwork skills of the students and contribute to their cultural, artistic and personal development. In addition to supporting the development of the students, the societies carry activities beneficial to their neighbourhoods, cities and the country as a whole. TEDU students can either become active members of these societies or apply to form new societies which they believe would be useful in certain areas.

Active student societies - 2015-2016 Academic Year:

  • American Football Society
  • Kemalist Ideology Society
  • Basketball Society
  • IT Society
  • Dance Society
  • Outdoor Sports Society
  • EduAction Society
  • E-Sport Society
  • Football Society
  • Travelling Society
  • Entrepreneurship and Management Society
  • Kaizen Society
  • Culture & Arts Society
  • Logos Society
  • Architecture and Design Society
  • MUN (Model United Nations) Society
  • Music Society
  • Archery Society
  • Radio and Communication Society
  • Cinema Society
  • Theatre Society
  • International Students Society – ESNTEDU