Student Council

Starting from the time our university admitted its first students, a decision was made to form a TED University Student Council to allow students to directly share their wishes, complaints and views with the administrative organs of the university, and thus a founding council was formed with volunteer students. As a result of the meetings between the Registrar’s Office and our students, a draft Student Council Directive was prepared in accordance with the needs of our university. In the Senate meeting held on 30.04.2014, the Student Council Directive was accepted and a referendum was held on 06.05.2014 for student approval. Following the acceptance of the Student Council Directive, elections were held at our university on 21.05.2014 and the first elected Student Council began its duty. TEDU Student Council serves to ensure representation of TED University students at different organs of the university, the organization of student events inside and outside of the university, and representation of TED University students in organized events.

TEDU Student Council: 

  • Abides by Atatürk’s principles
  • Is against all types of discrimination based on religion, language, ethnicity, opinion, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability, etc.
  • Believes that universities are institutions in which all issues can be discussed with mutual respect, which is assurance of the right to freedom of expression for all.
  • Treats students in an unbiased, honest and fair manner, and democratically deals with ones who act on the contrary.
  • Is cautionary with regard to using the university’s resources.
  • Is sensitive to its environment and believes that protecting its living environment including its nature and animals is one of the best human qualities, and thus supports related social responsibility projects.
  • Believes in the importance of mutual respect in organizational culture and respects students, and all academic and administrative employees.
  • Is aware of the responsibility bestowed upon them as university students in enlightening Turkey with the torch of the Turkish Education Foundation. It works towards instilling this awareness to newly admitted students.