Internship Opportunities

One of the preliminary objectives of TED University is to educate highly qualified individuals and guarantee their employability. In line with this purpose, cooperation with the community, we provide bachelor’s students opportunities for short-term study in the professional field.

The TED Society, which is comprised of alumni of TED schools, provides added value to the learning process by offering ample internship opportunities in diverse fields and a chance for students to form a wide professional network, that will generate future employment opportunities.

This business cooperation program provides the opportunity for better preparation for the workforce by converting their theoretical information into practical experience; it also provides companies with the opportunity to create predictions about employees improve human resources and fulfill social responsibilities in education. Thanks to the great support of the TED Society and our Career Planning Center, internship agreements were formed with numerous leading companies for TEDU students to meet the objectives of shaping world citizens and ensuring that they gain real work experience during their education.