International Exchange Programs


International Programs

Office of International Programs

TED University considers internationalization as one of the most important development indicators of universities. Since its establishment TEDU has formed associations with overseas universities and institutions. Our university welcomes foreign students and provides its students the opportunity to pursue a certain period of their education abroad, to participate in international projects and thus creates an international environment.

The Office of International Programs carries the internationalization process of TEDU, supports the incoming and outgoing Exchange students and the personnel.


The scope of activity of the Office of International Programs:

▶▶Development and execution of the internationalization strategy of TED University;

▶▶Establishing associations with foreign universities and institutions;

▶▶Administrating the Erasmus student and personnel mobility programs;

▶▶Placement of full-time foreign students.

Partnerships with International Universities


The Erasmus+ Higher Education Program carried by the Turkish National Agency under the financement of the European Union aims at developing cooperation between the higher education institutions. The program finances student/personnel mobility and joint projects between the universities and the business world. TED University has made its Erasmus University Statement appeal in 2012 and started executing the Erasmus Program in the 2013-2014 academic year. By year 2016 TEDU has student and personnel mobility agreements with 50 universities in Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Croatia, Netherlands, England, Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Greece. TEDU has also joined the Ankara Consortium for New Work Experiences (YITAK) established by the Ankara Chamber of Commerce in order to increase the international internship opportunities for students in 2014.

TED University targets qualified internationalization. To this end, in September 2015, our university has signed an institutional benchmarking agreement with the New Haven University. TEDU continues joint project development initiatives with various universities in Australia, Japan and Canada.

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